Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance & Repair

The Smart Choice

carrier-commercial-fridgeMaintaining your air conditioning and heating systems is vital to:

  • Maintaining efficiency and comfort
  • Preventing failures
  • Increasing system life expectancy
  • Reducing costs

Protecting Your Business

Commercial refrigeration can amount for up to 50% of a food service company’s operating costs. So if your commercial refrigeration equipment isn’t running at peak efficiency, you’re losing money.

Here’s why:

According to the Department of Energy (DOE), commercial refrigeration equipment that is regularly maintained lasts an average 10 years. For equipment that’s not maintained, the optimal life is reduced to 6-8 years.

Every commercial system is different. We will conduct a survey of your equipment and present you with a professional maintenance program that is customized to meet the needs of your business and equipment.

Factor in the increased energy expense to run less-than-peak-efficiency systems and you’re looking at a huge drain on your bottom line.

checklist-greenRegular maintenance of your chilling equipment can potentially save between 5% to 10% on energy costs, extend the functional lifespan of the equipment, and avoid losses due to spoiled inventory that keeps you from getting your product to market.

Total Air Solutions offers tailored Commercial Maintenance Agreements for all your commercial refrigeration equipment. We’ll help you save money, reduce operating expenses…and sleep at night, knowing your business is running efficiently.

Total Air Solutions Maintenance Agreement Includes:

  • Replacing standard filters and cleaning washable filters
  • Lubricating fan motors
  • Clearing drain pans and lines and treating them with environmentally friendly algaecide
  • Checking fan motor and compressor electrical connections
  • Checking overall operation of equipment
  • Receive a 10% discount on ALL repairs, parts and labor
  • Priority service dispatching