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Benefits Of Getting An HVAC Tune Up At The End Of Summer

Because the hot season might be officially drawing to a close, it is a good time to think about an annual check up of your HVAC system. A system that is in top operating condition runs more efficiently, saving money in utility costs. The reasons for getting an HVAC tune up at the end of summer go beyond just saving money, although that is important. A regular check of all part of an HVAC system reduces the risk of faulty operation with the pilot light set too high or too low.

An optimally operating system helps to support the quality of conditioned indoor air. This is a benefit to household members who might be suffering from allergies, asthma or other respiratory problems. Here are some additional reasons for getting an HVAC tune-up at the end of summer

By completing a regular maintenance check after the peak operating season, an emergency breakdown event may be prevented. Any issues that are found during the inspection can be corrected so that the customer need not worry about a breakdown during the remaining hot days of the summer season. Repairing a small problem may prevent a much larger issue from developing.

There are several steps to an annual check up. Careful inspection of all parts of HVAC equipment is the first step. The technician checks the electrical circuits, thermostats and wiring and insulation. Inspection of the heat exchanger and cleaning of the part, plus a review of the spark ignition system for gas units is another part of the checkup. The operation of a gas valve is checked and the gas pressure adjusted as needed. Continuing on with the inspection, the blower motor is checked and lubricated and the blower wheel is inspected and cleaned.

The filter for the furnace is inspected and the entire furnace checked for any worn or loose parts. Abnormal vibrations and venting are ensured. The technician will do a test run to adjust the system for top efficiency. All electrical and safety circuits are tested and the carbon monoxide emissions checked. Condensate lines are cleaned as needed.

When worn parts are discovered in the system, the latest parts can be used to replace worn, dirty or malfunctioning elements in the system. Although the quality of systems continues to improve, eventually a system will need to be replaced. The recommendations of a technician will be offered with the purpose of the best advice about steps to take in regard to the system.

Finding a knowledgeable and experienced air conditioner installation Port Charlotte firm will ensure customers that they are getting the best possible advice about their system. A new AC system is a sizable investment, so the highest quality equipment within the budgetary constraints is a good choice.

When emergency situations with the HVAC do arise, same day HVAC repair Port Charlotte service firm is likely to keep the system in good condition. A regular checkup will prevent many issues which could reduce the effectiveness of the system. Clean and cool air is a pleasant change from hot and humid outdoor temperatures. The technician will ensure maximum efficiency of the entire system.

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