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Officials Encourage South Florida To Prepare For Hurricane Matthew In Advance

This fall, just like the previous one, not only brings with it colorful trees and cooler weather, but it is also time for a tropical storm. Emergency officials encourage South Florida to prepare for hurricane Matthew as it has been given category 4. The residents are urged to stock up on food and clothing supplies before the storm hits their city.

Keeping your family safe during a storm can be nerve-wracking, however, there are many ways you can adequately prepare for such natural disasters. Make sure you have pillows, blankets, and enough clothes before evacuating the town. County officials are also warning South Florida residents to take drinking water, medicine, and food items for up to three days.

The Floridians have also been advised that they can drink tap water so long as there is no boil water warning in effect. Around 2000 people took the advice of officials seriously and evacuated town quickly. They were also reminded to take paper goods, batteries, torches, and first aid kits.

If you live in a storm surge area, you should always look out for any weather warnings and be prepared in advance. The main reason you would have to evacuate your home during a storm surge is due to the abnormal rise in water levels which have dangerous consequences. Local governments always provide lots of useful information about the nearest evacuation centers in Florida as well as evacuation plans.

It is better to test the evacuation route when the weather is good rather than wait until the day of the hurricane. When a natural disaster occurs, people are usually at a heightened state of anxiety and may not find their nearest evacuation area. Even if you live outside of storm surge areas, it is still safer to take precautions during a hurricane.

The most important precautions include bringing all the outdoor furniture in the house. This includes tables, chairs, and flower pots. If your freezer and fridge are full, turn them to their highest settings before evacuating your home. It is also wise to check your insurance policy to see if flooding or storm damage is included.

Property owners and tenants should make sure their properties and belongings are insured against flooding and storm damage. This is something is often overlooked by homeowners and they end up paying a high price for the repairs of their homes. In the event that your home insurance policy does not cover hurricane or flooding, you should contact your insurer immediately, even if you live away from the coast.

Those people living in hurricane areas should keep a copy of their documents and title of their properties, cars, and any other assets they may have. These documents should be kept in a safe location away from hurricane damage. This is to ensure that in the event your home is damaged by a storm, you will need to prove that you own this house. Once you have inspected your home after the storm has passed, you should make note of all the damages that it has caused before making a claim to the insurance company.

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