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Why You Should Use A Same Day HVAC Repair Port Charlotte Air Conditioner Installs Port Charlotte FL Area

No matter which time of the year it is, thunderstorms can be quite frightening for pets, children, and any other member of the family who is afraid of lightning. To make things even worse, your property’s electrical wiring and AC unit can get damaged during a heavy thunderstorm. To put your mind to rest, consider using a same day HVAC repair Port Charlotte air conditioner installs Port Charlotte FL specialists offer to all locals.

Most lightning strikes do not tend to damage HVAC units right away. It is the electrical surges that follow after a power outage that cause ACs to get damaged. A power surge is an inconsistency that occurs in voltage. Although most houses use 120 volt electric power, a lightning strike of up to 169 volts can cause significant damage to appliances.

When a heavy thunderstorm hits an AC unit, there may not be an immediate effect apparent. Over the course of a few weeks following further lightning strikes, you may notice that your air conditioner is not working as well as it should be. If this happens, you must look out for the following signs:

The most common part on an AC unit that is likely to face problems is the capacitor. If this component is damaged, it can lead to further issues including compressor failure. In the event that the voltage has damaged the air conditioner, there will be burned wires or even blown fuses.

Aside from the obvious damages that lightning can cause on HVAC units, it can also be hard on trees. In fact, hundreds of trees are struck by lightning every day as they are the tallest objects to be hit. Moreover, the roots of trees make them natural rods that can easily pass electrical current from the air all the way down to the ground.

If your home is close to tall trees, make sure you take extra care by keeping away from them whenever possible. Stay indoors until the thunderstorm has passed. You should also prune all the overgrown branches of these trees in order to minimize damage to your property.

To avoid expensive HVAC replacements, it is essential to have your AC unit inspected by specialists following a lightning strike. Even though it is not possible to entirely prevent electrical damage to your air conditioners, it is still important to unplug them just before lightning strikes. This way, you will know that you have done your best in preventing any damage to your AC.

However, if a direct lightning strike still happens and causes electrical outage, there is no way you could have stopped it but you can still take steps in predicting a thunderstorm in order to keep you and your family safe from power surges. It is, therefore, important to use outlet surge suppressors as they protect electrical appliances from burning out during a surge. Alternatively, you may also consider panel-mounted protection against surges to reduce damage to your electricity. Whichever option you consider, make sure you talk to an experienced HVAC specialist who will guide you on protecting your AC unit during a storm.

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