HVAC System Installation

Whatever your building or installation needs, we can help. Total Air Solutions has a proven track record performing commercial installations for a wide range of project types and clients. It is our goal to meet the specifications of your project requirements and design professionals, as well as applicable codes and standards, while providing you with sound technical advice from our seasoned professionals. We cater to any size and type of building, and for any occupancy including:

  • Professional Buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Educational Facilities
  • Institutional Projects
  • Public Facilities
  • Retail Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Multi-Family Housing

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation System

Your kitchen ventilation system is critical to the efficient operation of the heart of your business, your kitchen. A malfunctioning system not only affects your kitchen operation, but can cause comfort issues in your entire restaurant. Total Air Solutions will install new or retro-fit Kitchen Ventilation Systems that meet today’s stringent comfort and code requirements.

  • Grease Exhaust Hoods and Fans
  • Heat Only Hoods
  • Make Up Air Systems
  • Dishwasher Hoods
  • Liquid Tight Grease Duct Systems
  • Aluminum and Stainless Steel Duct Systems

HVAC System Design & Build

checklist-greenIf you are planning a new building or installation of higher efficiency equipment, we can also design and build the entire system. Total Air Solutions will work with you, your Contractor or Design Professional to define the project’s needs based on the building’s size and type, environmental considerations and occupancy loads, and then provide:

  • Complete specifications, design and layout of duct work, equipment locations, ventilation requirements, components, etc.
  • Systems designed to meet your energy and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) goals.
  • Professionally designed systems built to your project specifications, and to comply with the Florida Energy Efficiency Code.
  • All designs are done with energy efficiency as the top priority.