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There are many factors involved in having an energy and cost efficient home in Florida. Not the least of which is having all of your duct work properly sealed. If your duct work has leaks some of your precious heating and cooling ventilation will never make it into your living space. Instead it will simply be blown right into your attic wasting both energy and money.

Properly sealed ducts provide several benefits to your home. They will increase the rate at which cooled or heated air is delivered to your living space and they will prevent safety problems such as carbon monoxide gas from attic mounted water heaters from leaking into your home. Properly sealed ducts can also improve your air quality by reducing the amount of dust, humidity and outdoor air pollutants from entering your home.

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Total Air Solutions can inspect your duct work and recommend ways for you to save money and improve your indoor air quality by repairing and sealing those leaky ducts. We use Duct Blowers and Blower Doors to measure and diagnose exactly what types of duct problems you may have. We will also provide you with a demonstration regarding the nature of these problems and give you an estimate of what efficiency losses you are currently experiencing as a result of those leaks.

Total Air Solutions has the potential of reducing air leakage by 3% to 6%. Once your ducts are repaired and properly sealed, you can expect a much more efficient heating and cooling system and a lower utility bill next month.

Duct ServiceDuct RepairDuctwork ∴ Westchase, FL ∴ Greater Carrollwood, FL ∴ Tampa, FL

Duct ServiceDuct RepairDuctwork ∴ Greater Carrollwood, FL ∴ Tampa, FL ∴ Westchase, FL