North Port


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Thank you, we appreciate your business!

Jeff is an excellent and thorough technician. I am very pleased with his care of my system. I have had your company care for my system for the 12 years I have lived in this house. Now, I would only have him!
Thank you for the check. I was not expecting that. It was very nice of you. On Thursday the 15th, your technician came out to see what he could do. I believe it was Gary.He was veery nice & patient explaining things to us old people. We don’t know how these new founded things work. I also want to thank you for taking care of the problem so fast. I made a complaint so I also want to give you a compliment. Your company is very good!
Betty M.
I wanted to personally send you guys a special thank for your help with our A/C while I’ve ben recovering from surgery. All your help, research on my A/C, your recommendations, service, professionalism, everything! At a moments notice, you guys were fantastic! I can’t thank you enough, so I wanted to let you know that your services are EXTREMELY appreciated!
Steve & Alice G.
TAS has carried on the CGM tradition. Jim & Ernie are great people with whom to work.
Calvin B.
I had a visit from Total Air recently to do a schedule A/C maintenance check & I realized once again you generously provide this service without charge. It also occurred to me that every once in a while we should acknowledge and thank you again for your kindness. It’s even more helpful now that Charlie isn’t here to direct the many household requirements. So Total Air, you have my total appreciation for you and your gift.
Joan M.
I have two systems on the Total Air Solutions Comfort Assurance Plan. The service techs check out the systems top to bottom twice a year and keep them running efficiently as the day they were new. We’ve caught any issues with the equipment before failure struck, that means “no surprises!” (Surprises are not good in this Florida summer heat). I’ve had the same techs for years and they know me and my systems. Just a great bunch of guys. I highly recommend Total Air.
Best Service Tech. I Have Ever Had. (FIVE *****PLUS)
Mr. Neal
Thank you for your mail. I just want to say, the serviceman who showed up was really great. What a service and was a pleasant employee.
Gertrude H.
We are very happy with the service, thank you!
My husband had made an appointment for our AC to be checked by Jeff (only Jeff) and it had to be cancelled. Yesterday 12/5/19, Jeff came; he is truly an asset representing the company. He does diligent work and is a caring person. My husband would have been very grateful knowing Jeff took care of potential problems for me.
Marie U.