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Recent surveys have found that the Florida population increases by about 5% during the winter months as snowbirds seek refuge from the bitter winters among our sunny beaches and retirement communities. With not just one, but two or more homes to manage, snowbirds (and all homeowners with more than one property) must take extra care to be sure their properties are maintained while they are vacated for the season. Here are a few great ways to ensure peace-of-mind for your A/C system while you are away.

1) Automate Your Air Filters
Just like everything else in our home that has become ‘smart’, you can now automate an air filter subscription plan. Companies like Second Nature and Filter Time deliver a fresh new air filter right to your door at the frequency that you choose. With so many sizes and MERV ratings to choose from, you can ensure the quality and fit is right for your home. If you leave a dirty air filter on during your off season- a few things can happen. First, if your filter is dusty, your whole home is going to continue recycling dirty air through your A/C system, and those dust and bacteria particles will accumulate. Secondly, the internal airflow may get clogged, and could take longer to make your home the desired temperature which could cause the unit to malfunction. It is recommended to change your filters at least once every two months.

2) Share Your A/C Information with Your Neighbor
Snowbirds rely on neighbors, friends, and Facebook groups to stay in touch with their home and neighborhood while they are away. Make sure the people you are entrusting with looking after your home have a contact list of any home services company you use such as HVAC, lawncare, housekeeping, pest control, etc. This way, if there is an issue such as leaking or fire and you can’t be reached, a neighbor or friend would immediately know who to call. It would also be a good idea to put your A/C company’s information on the fridge, or near the air handler.

3) Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat
Extreme weather can often cause power outages and create problems for the systems in your home. How would you know if your A/C isn’t running if you are 1000 miles away? The best way is through a Wi-Fi or ‘smart’ thermostat. If your home experiences an outage or system failure, you will be alerted in real-time to your mobile device. You can then call Total Air Solutions to check on your system and ensure you are back up and running in no time. Read more about smart thermostat automation in our other blog article, “Why You Need a Smart Thermostat this Summer”.

Total Air Solutions has been serving the Central Florida Coast for over 20 years and have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to multiple-residence management. To schedule your A/C maintenance for the winter and spring seasons, give our office a call at 941-426-1770.

Total Air Solutions, November 28, 2022

Author: Lauren Marshall, Marketing Manager

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