Owning a home comes with many enjoyable freedoms such as landscape design and architectural updates. Homeownership does, however, offer its fair share of responsibilities. Thankfully, you’re A/C system will send out numerous signals if the health of your system is failing, and you can get on top of service or replacement. Here are a few signs that your air conditioner is ready for a replacement:

1. Your A/C System is Making a Funny Noise
Most people who call for service due to noise will hear ‘rickety’ sounds coming from the outdoor condenser unit. We sometimes have a little chuckle when we hear customers attempt to imitate these sounds over the phone. These clamoring noises could be a symptom of numerous issues including a bent condenser fan blade, a bad motor, or the compressor could be failing. It’s best to call Total Air Solutions at the first sign of noises emitting from your system.

2. Your Electric Bill is Alarmingly High
Many homeowners will see fluctuations in their energy bill based on the seasonality of the year. Your AC will work harder in the summer months, and you may see a slight increase on your monthly statement. However, if you are seeing your bill more than double, this could be a clear (and expensive) signal that your system is in trouble. Your local energy company should be able to perform an assessment to determine where the strain is coming from. If all signs point to your A/C unit, then it’s time to call Total Air Solutions.

This is probably the most obvious signal that something is wrong with your air conditioner. Although obvious for some, this may not always be an immediate signal. If you are a snowbird or have a tenant living in your home, you may not know straight away if the temperatures are rising in your home unless you have a smart thermostat to help raise the alarm. If you are experiencing unexpected temperatures in your home, call Total Air Solutions right away so the issue can be addressed before it gets worse. We also offer smart thermostats so you can receive immediate temperature notifications to your mobile device.

In many of these circumstances your system can be repaired, but depending on the age of your system, or the cost of the repair, a replacement may be recommended. If you are experiencing any of these (or other) signs from your A/C system, call Total Air Solutions today 1-888-426-1770.