As the post-COVID recession continues to wreak havoc on households, home services companies- like HVAC and plumbing businesses, are getting hit just as hard.

So, what causes the HVAC supply chain shortages? According to a March 2022 article by First Citizens Bank, “There are also shortages for the materials needed to build HVAC equipment, like copper, steel, aluminum and plastic. Semiconductor chips in particular are in short supply while facing high competing demand from other industries, including the manufacturers of cars, smartphones and washing machines. Bottlenecks in shipping and air freight are adding further stress, delaying the time it takes for key equipment to make it to companies and their technicians. Adding to this, record inflation is driving up costs along the entire supply chain.”

If parts are even available for purchase, they can take weeks or months to arrive from manufacturers. This doesn’t bode well for homeowners with a broken A/C system and a house temperature of 90 degrees.

During these challenging times, it is more critical than ever to take care of your air conditioner. Routine maintenance can detect early failure on wearable parts that need to be replaced every couple of years. As they say, ‘get em while they’re hot’! The days of a quick and easy fix are behind us and may not be returning any time soon. Prevention is the key to keeping your system at optimal performance.

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Total Air Solutions, August 10, 2022
Author: Lauren Marshall, Marketing Manager