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Many companies are switching to ‘green’ practices as the world has opened its eyes to our environmental impact more than ever before. Nike, for example, has switched to manufacturing methods utilizing renewable energy sources aiming to power facilities with 100% renewable energy by 2025 and operate with net-zero carbon emissions. Similarly, Apple has developed several wind and solar farms that power their data centers, retail stores, and corporate offices.

Total Air Solutions also understands the importance of eco-friendly technology. One of the ways we highlight this is by partnering with HVAC manufacturers who keep sustainability in mind. According to Carrier’s website, “Our HVAC systems were created using industry-leading technologies that can help minimize energy consumption by only using it when needed. This helps the planet and keeps your energy costs down. It’s a win-win.” Carrier is top rated by Energy Star and is recognized as a market leader in fuel efficient technology. Not do these systems make the climate in your home comfortable, but they also protect the climate of our planet!

Another way Total Air Solutions cares for our planet is by selecting environmentally responsible cleaning products. Many HVAC cleaning agents contain toxic and hazardous chemicals that are released into your yard through exit valves. These deposits can affect vegetation and wildlife around your home. We invest in products that have been tested extensively to ensure the highest level of performance while utilizing more eco-friendly ingredients. This treatment is part of our 6-month maintenance plan, ensuring your system is operating at peak performance- while reducing our carbon footprint.

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Total Air Solutions, February 1, 2023

Author: Lauren Marshall, Marketing Manager

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