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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Having Total Air Solutions come out regularly to clean your dryer vents can prevent a home fire. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, there are an estimated annual 15,500 fires, 10 deaths and 10 injuries associated with the dryer vents. Several hundred people a year are also subjected to carbon monoxide poisoning from improper dryer vent setups. The financial costs come to nearly $100,000,000 per year. In some cases faulty appliances are to blame, but many fires can be prevented with proper dryer venting. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about dryer vent cleaning: Q: Honestly,[…]

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Officials Encourage South Florida To Prepare For Hurricane Matthew In Advance

This fall, just like the previous one, not only brings with it colorful trees and cooler weather, but it is also time for a tropical storm. Emergency officials encourage South Florida to prepare for hurricane Matthew as it has been given category 4. The residents are urged to stock up on food and clothing supplies before the storm hits their city.

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Why You Should Use A Same Day HVAC Repair Port Charlotte Air Conditioner Installs Port Charlotte FL Area

No matter which time of the year it is, thunderstorms can be quite frightening for pets, children, and any other member of the family who is afraid of lightening. To make things even worse, your property’s electrical wiring and AC unit can get damaged during a heavy thunderstorm. To put your mind to rest, consider using a same day HVAC repair Port Charlotte air conditioner installs Port Charlotte FL specialists offer to all locals.

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Benefits Of Getting An HVAC Tune Up At The End Of Summer

Because the hot season might be officially drawing to a close, it is a good time to think about an annual check up of your HVAC system. A system that is in top operating condition runs more efficiently, saving money in utility costs. The reasons for getting an HVAC tune up at the end of summer go beyond just saving money, although that is important. A regular check of all part of an HVAC system reduces the risk of faulty operation with the pilot light set too high or too low.

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The Best Way To Beat The Intense Humidity In Florida

Florida is a very hot and muggy state. While some areas are hotter than others, nearly all cities and counties are affected by a massive amount of moisture. This is one of the drawbacks of living in a near-tropical climate. Fortunately, there are several strategies for beating the intense humidity in Florida.

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Running Into Problems With Your Air Conditioner At Inconvenient Hours

As summertime draws near, the days of using the furnace to heat up the house are numbered. It is now time to start thinking about using the AC unit. If you have neglected the HVAC system all year, it may not work now. Take a look at the following tips now to avoid running into problems with your air conditioner at inconvenient hours.

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Testimonials & Reviews

Denise, Thank you for scheduling Rich to do A/C maintenance at my home today. He always does a complete and thorough job. He is very professional and I appreciated it. Sincerely – Jane Sir, On Aug, 8th I had a regular sergice call. Your technician Jerry, showed up on time and in the pouring rain. I wanted to let you know what a fine young man he is. Jerry performed his job in an extremely professional manner. He went beyond his duties to be extremely helpful to me. I am alone since losing my husband in January. Jerry is a respectful caring young[…]

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Indoor Air Quality

The quality of the air you breathe — it’s critical to your well being and that of your family, friends and employees. Not only does air quality affect your comfort, but it also impacts your health and productivity. At Total Air Solutions, we’re indoor air quality specialists, dedicated to providing a clean and comfortable atmosphere for your home or business. Our IAQ technicians can provide information on how to care for and monitor your air conditioning and heating system to provide the cleanest air possible. We also offer an extensive line of products to help reduce harmful particles and improve[…]

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What are the Differences in Carrier Air Conditioners?

What are the Differences in Carrier Air Conditioners? Carrier makes a variety of central air conditioners that meet the differing demands of our customers. This guide provides an outline of what’s available from Carrier and Total Air Solutions, your air conditioning service for Fort Myers and North Port FL. The information can be used to narrow you choices and decide which models you want to take a closer look at. What are Carrier Infinity Air Conditioners? These are top of the line models and some of the highest-rated products when it comes to air conditioners.  They may be more expensive than[…]

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Local Air Conditioning Company expands services to Fort Myers

TOTAL AIR SOLUTIONS SERVING FORT MYERS Air Conditioning and Heating Services needs and repair. LOCAL AIR CONDITIONING COMPANY EXPANDS OPERATIONS INTO THE FORT MYERS AREA! FORT MYERS, FL (Wednesday, February 15, 2012)- Growing commercial and residential air conditioning repair business is allowing local HVAC company, Total Air Solutions to add a second office location in Fort Myers. The new office will be located in Benchmark Corporate Park. Even though Total Air Solutions has been servicing the Fort Myers area from their North port office for nearly 10 years, the new office will give the company roots in the Fort Myers[…]

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